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M He Sapa
flooring underlayment

I've been told by one flooring contractor that I must install 1/4" voidless 5 ply over the 5/8" AC ply underlayment before installing marmoleum or vinyl or the warranties will be voided. Anyone have experience or thoughts on this? Thanks -- M.

Re: flooring underlayment

Have the installer give you the product installation guidelines paperwork, then follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can likely find this on the web on the manufacturer's site. I normally underlay with 1/4" on 5'/8" subfloors and anywhere that generally needs smoothing out, but in a good enough substrate I'll skip that and lay the flooring directly. It's a judgement call on my part but I haven't had any problems or calls for repairs yet.


Re: flooring underlayment

My thoughts?

1. Follow the instructions the manufacturer specified. It's that simple.

2. If and whenever you need to repair your floor under warranty, have all your paperwork ready.

3. Having all that is still no guarantee that the manufacturer will stand behind its product. We've seen it before. If there are a lot of claims, companies go insolvent, take their money and run, leaving customers holding a paper guarantee that has zero value.

Re: flooring underlayment

I always like double 5/8 off set glued and screwed.

A. Spruce
Re: flooring underlayment

I've always used underlayment, partly because when it's time to replace it, it will be far easier to do so. Also, every subfloor I've seen was not suitable for a direct install, seams were not flush, gaps, damage, etc., existed. The underlayment insures that the surface is perfect, or as near perfect as possible, for the vinyl to be laid upon.

But, as was stated above, read the manufacturer's installation instructions and follow those, that is what is most important.

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