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Flooring for exposed porch

I am restoring an 1842 colonial in Connecticut and am currently working on a second story front porch. The floor was covered up with asphalt roofing and is slightly pitched. After ripping it off, I discovered 3/4 of the floor has T&G flooring (looks like Doug Fir)and 1/4 is just plywood.

I would like to put down new flooring. I saw some other postings that talked about floors buckling over plywood. Would I have to rip out the entire floor and start over?

Also, can I use engineered flooring (glue or nail or both) or should I put in new T&G and stain/poly?

thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Flooring for exposed porch

First you never double layer a floor exposed to the elements because water will go through the cracks of the top layer and be trapped between. The trapped water is what cause the warping. If wood dries more and faster on one side it warps. You could put something like Weather Guard on the existing deck then furring strips then the new decking. This allows space for the water to run off.

You said restoring do you actually mean making it look nice and new or do you mean restoring? Your answer to that question will determine what material you use.

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