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I have been in the construction industry for 40 plus years.
The other day I was purchasing flooring for a project and the salesman told me that the flooring I was looking at came from a mill close by. He said that it was best to buy wood materials from your region because they would be used to the moisture swings. There would be less warp-age for framing and less seasonal change with flooring. I have never heard this before and am wondering how much truth there is to it. My thoughts are that it is a sales pitch for the weekend carpenter and he was just blowing smoke.

Re: flooring

Sounds like a sales pitch to me. I even asked my friend, who has been doing floors since 1973 and he pointed out that hardwood floors are imported from many other countries and perform well in new locations. An additional thing to consider is: buying local wood helps the local economy.

As usual, you should let new hardwood floor sit in the house for a few days, to get acclimated.

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Re: flooring

i agree with dj.....i can't see you through all the smoke being blown.

only advantage as dj said is supporting the local economy.

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Re: flooring

I've put down thousands of LF of flooring since the 70's both unfinished and prefinished and never heard that pitch. As long as the flooring is dry from the factory and sets for a few days opened I've never had any problems. I did once have a homeowner that wanted me to use their wood. It came from their woods, was kiln dried and milled for them. The moisture content was not checked and it shrunk badly. They were not happy and blamed the installation for a while but finally understood the problem was the wood.

Re: flooring

"They were not happy and blamed the installation for a while but finally understood the problem was the wood."

This happens a lot when you agree to do "labor only". In such a case, the installer can't guarantee the materials.
I never liked doing labor only, and when I did, I always explained to the customer that there will be no warranties what so ever.

My friend the mechanic told me once he had a customer who brought brake pads and shoes and wanted them installed. The mechanic said sure but without warranties. Later the customer came back and said to the mechanic: ever since you put these new pads and shoes, the muffler makes noise. You can't win with these customers.

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Re: flooring

Um, yeah, salesman is blowing so much smoke up your ass that even he can't see straight!

All wood flooring, regardless of origin, will do fine if acclimated to the area before the installation. If you can verify that it is locally produced product and you want to support local, then by all means, buy it, other than that, there are no redeeming qualities to a local purchase.

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