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Floor Tiling

Hi everyone. I just finished laying down a new 12" x 12" ceramic tile floor in an above-grade "breezeway," and I'm having some concerns. The slab underneath was out of level, so I put down self-leveling underlayment over glued vinyl flooring, which was structurally sound. I followed the preparation instructions exactly. Just before laying the tile, I noticed several cracks beginning to form in the underlayment, but it still seemed solidly bonded. I covered the cracks with fiberglass tape and thinset, and then layed the tile. I'm now wondering if that was the correct thing to do. Any hints would be helpful...thanks!

Re: Floor Tiling

i've used several self levelers and quite often they do crack a little. alot of it has to do with the humidity, as with any concrete that's poured. if you're in a dry area it dries out alot quicker and is more prone to cracking, or if it's in a room that's kept pretty warm, basically anything causing it to dry quicker than it was designed for. it's not a structural issue at all. your remedy for the situation was fine, nothing to worry about, and if you did nothing about it and left the cracks, im confident everything would have still been fine.

Re: Floor Tiling

Thanks "MLBSF." I think that part of the problem was the fact that there is a forced air heating register, which was on, in the room. The long cracks were directly in front of the register. Now back to scraping the grout out of all the nooks and crannies in the 'slate-look' tile...

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