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Floor settling under toilet


I've got a problem with a 1930's cape. The floor of the bathroom added in a shed dormer upstairs has settled. It may have even settled more in the 3 years I've owned it, based on water marks in the toilet tank. That's the problem, the toilet is listing along with the floor! You feel like a drunken sailor; or at least one on a ship with a severe list to starboard, when you sit on it.

I figure that means the toilet is not flush with the flange. Or worse the flange is listing and not flush with the pipe. Or worse the pipe is listing and will tear away from the wall!

A plumber, fixing a $1,500 leak in the pipe last year, said the toilet would be fine. I don't think it is, I found a little bit of water around the base. A "handy" family friend put on 2 new wax rings. Still I once found a small amount of water on the floor.

I need help figuring out what is best with my limited budget. Can I do something to make the toilet work with this settling floor? Can I have the flange extended high enough to clear the high side of the floor and then use some kind of wedge/shim so the toilet can sit level on the wax ring? Or do I need to contemplate ripping out the floor to rebuild it level?! I think I would have to sell the house if that was the case.



Re: Floor settling under toilet

Is the entire bathroom floor sloped ? Or is it just around the toilet ?

I'm wondering if it is just around the toilet then the sub floor in that area may have rotted from leaks. You may only have to repair that area for the flange to be properly secured.

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