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Floor leveling

I am needing to level a floor in prep for engineered wood flooring. The instructions for Henry FloorPro tell me to add mesh to the underlayment first. Is this necessary? If so, why? Also, not all rooms will get the wood floor, so where do I stop the new floor? In the middle of the doorways or closer to either wall? Building a temporary damn would be necessary for this, yes?

A. Spruce
Re: Floor leveling

The only "leveling" that needs to be done for flooring is so that there are no dips or valleys, you do not need an accurately level plain. Basically, you're going to fill "holes" with the leveling compound, and no damming would be necessary, you simply feather the edges of the fill into the area of no fill.

Where to stop the hardwood, you do this at or under a door, I usually use the door stop (trim strip in center line of jamb that door closes against ) as the start/stop point. If you have open doorways, flooring is usually stopped flush with the wall/doorway area rather than the center line.

Re: Floor leveling

So it's just a question of large holes and dips? The new floor will wieght itself down to folllow the existing plane?

Re: Floor leveling

if the manuf asks for it, do it. it prevents cracking.
usually use diamond lath with this product. pour enough
to cover the lath by 1/8-1/4"


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