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Floor insulation

I am renovating a house that was built in1896. The first floor has pine board floors nailed directly onto the floor joists with no underlayment. Over time the boards have shrunk and in places I can see directly into the basement. I just had the floors refinished and they look great but I am wondering should I insulate under the floor. I have never seen insulation in a basement under a floor. If I should what type of insulation should I use?

Re: Floor insulation

You're lucky and have a basement. If I drop a $10 bill in my living room, I have to crawl under the house to fetch it.

If the basement is heated, then leave the floor alone. Otherwise, insulate the floor with the craft paper facing the heated side.

Re: Floor insulation

"If I drop a $10 bill in my living room, I have to crawl under the house to fetch it".

Not sure if it's worth it to chase a 10 dollar bill under your house, HR. But if you drop another $100 bill next to it, then for $110 it will be worth it for sure.

But back to the subject...if the basement is heated and you just want to cover the gaps in the floor planks, you can staple strips of paper or plastic from the basement side.

Re: Floor insulation

I've crawled under my house for a lot less than $10.

Thrifty. I'm sticking with Thrifty. ;)

I wouldn't block the joints with paper. Dirt, dust, pins, toothpicks, dog hair, grass clippings, glitter, pecan shells (the dogs have learned to eat them) and all sorts of things will collect between the boards. I use a shop vac occasionally to get a lot of this stuff out, whatever doesn't fall between the boards.

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