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floor boards separating

I am looking at house I think I would like to buy...there are wood floors in all rooms except the kitchen. The floors are supposed to be new. Although they look new the floor boards in all rooms are separating. Is this an indication of anything like moisture or something?

Thanks in advance for your help


Re: floor boards separating

I'm no expert, but if anything, the wood has probably dried since they've installed it. It might be possible that they didn't let the wood acclimate to the house before they installed. If they had a high moisture content, they installed, and say they have a heat system like forced hot air..those boards might shrink up pretty good.

The wider the boards, the more they will shrink and expand as well.

What you're seeing might not be an issue at all. I'd rather see some gaps now vs. buckling in the summer or when the humidity picks up.

What type of wood, how wide or the planks? I assume it's not engineered flooring.

Do you know if they installed them or did they hire someone?

If you're concerned, why not see if you can bring in a professional to look at the floor before you buy? Just an idea.

Re: floor boards separating

I was just concerned that there might be some problem with the structure under the floor boards but if it is what you say drying then I guess it was just a lousy job. To my eye it looks like a professional did the job...looks good around the wall areas etc. But I am trying to adjust the purchase price by the money it will cost me to have the floors done over at some point if there is no additioanl problems with the floors. But yes eventually a home inspection will be done and maybe even an extensive inspection for mild dew etc.

Thanks for your help.


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