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flooding problem

Hi. I've been a on again off again viewer of TOH and love the show. Glad to see a community of DIYer's offering useful advice. keep up the great work.

Now to my problem. My fiance and I just bought a house which wound up being somewhat of a fixer upper. It's in a nice neighborhood so we were willing to take everything head on. The problem is the house is a single floor (no basement) dwelling. This isn't a problem in itself because the laundry room is located toward the back of the house by the attached garage. However, there's a drain on the floor which is supposed to take care of any unwanted floods from the wash basin, although, it hasn't been doing much draining. The first flood we had was a result of the wash basin overflowing -- the floor was submerged in 2 inches of water which I then had to scoop out with a bucket. I solved this problem by buying a mesh lint trap to go over the hose. This seemed to have worked temporarily. The second flood just happened tonight except the water was actually coming out of the floor drain rather than overflowing from the wash basin. I'm at the end of my rope and don't know what to do. I'm not sure if this is a simple snaking job that any plumber can take care of or if it's a flaw with the house. Is this something I can do myself or should I consult with a plumber and see if they can fix it? Thanks.

Re: flooding problem

Do you have any idea where that floor drain is connect to?

It certainly sound like there are restrictions in that drain.

A. Spruce
Re: flooding problem

It will depend on your abilities, the age of the drain, and the manner it is plumbed and ultimately where it is plumbed to (main sewer line or French drain??? ). I personally would start with the easiest things first, such as a visual inspection of the drain line from under the house (if on raised foundation ) or renting an auger and rootering out the drain yourself. If you can clear it, you saved yourself the expense of a plumber to do it for you. If you can't clear it, a plumber is only a phone call away.

Re: flooding problem

I agree with A.Spruce. It's possible the sink drain is hooked to the floor drain and a clog has just shifted down a little more and is now blocking the sink also. You can rent power snakes at almost all tool rental places. Be sure to wear heavy leather gloves when using the snake it can remove skin pretty easily.


Re: flooding problem

thanks for the responses.

I have no idea where the floor drain connects to or why it's even there. I wound up buying an auger today and will try to inspect the drain myself. I was told there's the possibility that roots can somehow cause drains to clog, although, I don't know how this would be possible since all trees are on the opposite side of the house. hopefully it's nothing serious. I keep you posted

Re: flooding problem

we ended up calling the roto-rooter man and it wound up being roots clogging the pipes. glad it's fixed for now

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