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Flood Control System Needed?

Ok, let me just say I don't know a lot about plumbing but need some advice. Probably 20 years ago my dad had a flood control basin/pit installed in front of the house. Inside it is a flood control flapper valve and an ejector pump which is no longer working. During the bad rains in the Chicago area this summer we got some water backing up into the basement. We use a stand pipe so it was very minimal, but the town came to rod and told us that the flapper valve was probably rusted and not shutting. I also found out that we do not have a clean out pipe between the pit and the street pipes.

The town water department made it sound like all that had to be done was 4 bolts taken out and a new flood control flapper valve installed in the pipe between the house and the street in the pit where the ejector pump is.

I talked to a plumber today who would not come out to even look at it without me paying a $65 estimate fee, but he said he understood exactly what we have. He gave me a phone estimate of $6500, explaining that we would also need an electrician.

This seems really excessive to me. Am I way off base?? Another flood control guy also said we need to get the flapper valve fixed but not to let them put in an ejector pump unless they could fix the flapper valve because the water would have no where to go(this I understand)

Here's why I don't understand why this estimate should be so high. First, we already have an existing cement pit in the ground. The pipe where the flood control flapper valve thing would have to be installed is right inside that basin. I see the 4 bolts that cover the place where the pipe was opened to install the device. But the way he was talking it sounded as if he had to remove the whole pit and install a new one. I didn't even mention that we don't even have a clean out pipe to the street.

Is this what these kind of jobs cost? We really don't get any water in the basement except during torrential rains. Maybe we don't even need to fix this. I'm a woman living with my 90 year old mother and trying to figure out what to do here. Any advice would be appreciated, especially regarding what we really need and if the $6500 is reasonable or not. Thanks

Re: Flood Control System Needed?

Without seeing an actual quote it is hard to answer your question. Flapper valves are not allowed in some jurisdictions, are a constant source of problems because the solids may block them open and he may have figured on replacing the flapper with a balanced valveand there is no way of us knowing the condition of the ejector pump. Might I suggest that you contact someone that specializes in flood control equipment like http://www.evereadyfloodcontrol.com/index.html located in Bensenville, Il. or http://www.floodexperts.com/xpert-home/ in Chicago. Some ejector pumps have a lifetime warranty.


Re: Flood Control System Needed?

By the way I would never take an estamate made site unseen.

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