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FLIR imagery

We've been feeling very cold on the main floor of our house recently....while the upper floor of our split level is very warm. I've been considering getting someone to come in with IR Imagery to find out where the hear loss is taking place.

How do I find someone to do this? I mean who do I look for in the Yellow Pages? What is a typical price for this service. It's approximately a 1600 sqft house.

Re: FLIR imagery

You can google energy audit or thermal imaging in your area. I can help you find someone.The cost can range from 200 to ?
If you need a full audit is more then specific issues.Some thermographers will check you hvac as well as your building envelope.So ask for those things.Some use blower door to test.
So there are a range of things that can be done and cost differences. Some sell insulation so you may need to ask that as well.
You can do many things yourself before you call one of us.
1 attic door- make your own door cover out of foam board and duct tape
2 seal outlets with gaskets
3 check all duct work around joints and connections-seal with mastic and duct tape
4 front and back door gaskets very cheap and easy
5 windows are all little harder but can be check with a smoke pencil or candle.
do these 5 things and you will be suprised how much energy loss you will stop.

Don't get me wrong infrared can show you where all your insulation may be compromised but these things are big energy hogs and should be done either way.
I would spend the 200 bucks or so on the 5 items first and then if you still can't keep your house warm then call one of us.
hope this helps

Re: FLIR imagery

Thanks for the info. I'm going to go ahead and take care of the things you mentioned....I've know for a while I should take care of the attic door. Again thanks for the info, and I might be contacting you for info on IR services in my area.

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