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Re: Flickering lights in house.
scotto1210 wrote:

I am trying to figure out why the lights in my house are flickering. I recently had a 150 amp box installed and new breakers put in. On one of the circuits every light that is on it flicker. Is there a lose connection at the box or is it from outside. The flickering of the lights are that they go jump from bright to dim constantly ex. like looking at a candle. Please help

Back to the beginning.

If there were no issues before the upgrade was done then it has something to do with the work the electrician was involved with from the meter to the panel or in the panel -------- unless by coincidence the utility connection or a junction within the home decided to become intermittant.

If there are issues with lights and devices plugged into receptacles throughout the home --------- then it'slikely somewhere from the feed connection from the panel back to the meter to the utility.

Re: Flickering lights in house.
scotto1210 wrote:

He checked everything in the panel. I saw him tighten every screw and nut on it. He did not check the meter though. The power company said that it will take them a week to come check it. I really hope that they will find the problem. Its killing me.

In Pa. an electrician can break the seal and check the neutral connections on a meter base. Then notify the local power concern about said broken seal, of course....:o

Re: Flickering lights in house.

In London we have different regulations any building services must do in right with British Standard


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