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Flickering Lights


I have lights that flicker on and off in my house, from the upstaris bathroom to the basement. They flicker they do not turn on and off. Is there any clue as to what this might be? can anyone help me so I don't get ripped off. Please

Thank you

Re: Flickering Lights


Not much info to go on, but....... judging from your description (lights in the entire house are involved)......my first suspect would a faulty/corroded neutral connection......and that most likely where the electrical company/supplier's lines connect to your lines at the masthead. This is a fairly common problem.

This would be their responsibility and on their dime.

A. Spruce
Re: Flickering Lights

Could also be loose connections in the breaker box. If you are not comfortable working in this area DO NOT ATTEMPT to tighten the screws inside, call an electrician for help. Otherwise, click off the main breaker, then carefully tighten each screw on each breaker and bus bar.

There are other things that can cause dimming/flickering lights, but without more info on your components and your abilities with electrical panels and devices, I'll reserve comments.

Re: Flickering Lights

This was happening all the time in one of my relatives houses. It was eventually found that one of the clamp connectors used to connect the main wires at the service entrance mast to the wires coming from the utility pole was loose. It was the responcibility of the power company to fix...and they did.

Re: Flickering Lights

You might also check to be sure the circuit is not overloaded or sharing a circuit with something like a refrigerator or heater that cycles on and off.

If the flickering happens when you hear your water heater, AC, or fridge that could be a clue.

Re: Flickering Lights
A. Spruce wrote:

Could also be loose connections in the breaker box.

Or.......sometimes inside the meter base. (Two connections there per wire)

IME though......7-8 times outta ten or so......it's the neutral connection at the masthead. That cause those connections are most exposed to the weather/moisture and its corroding affects and the tugs of the wind.

A. Spruce
Re: Flickering Lights

As always, Goldie, I'm not disagreeing, only adding a little "other" to the mix. :)

Recently had a client with flickering lights, the issue was a cavalcade of things. Many of the screws were loose in the panel, the main breaker on the bus bar had been arcing which fried the bus bar and breaker, and the utility connections at the mast head were also in question.

The remedy was to rebuild an obsolete box (done by another electrician ) and replacement of the mast head connections. Here's the kicker, it was a Zinsco panel, obsolete to begin with, so the rebuild of this panel cost nearly as much as a replacement of the whole thing to a better box. There were also some other technicalities that were addressed within the wiring of the house.

All of this could have been avoided if the current owner had heeded my recommendation to pass on this property when she was looking for a new home (she had me do a walk through before the purchase ). A story that I'll reserve unless someone is interested. :p

Re: Flickering Lights

Zinsco & Federal Pacific panels help keep electrical contractors in business.

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