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Flat roof ( 5 squares)

I am resident in NJ living close to NYC ( northeast) and need to fix by flat roof.
I have narrowed down to three proposals which are totally different purposes.
• Which one would you recommend and which one you prefer the least?
• Please tell me a few pointers ( or things I should ask and make sure the contractor does the work ) and I am to put in in writing with my contractor and get a verification that he has done right work for the proposal that you recommend

1) Proposal 1: Cold Press
1. Rip-off roof down to existing wood.
2. Remove all damaged or rotted wood.
3. Re-nail all decking boards.
4. Install ½ inch insulation board.
5. Install base sheet.
6. Install karnak #66 brush grade.
7. Install sbs mop down roofing system..
8. Install gravel stop flashing along all edges.
8. Install 2x2 roof edging flashing.
9. Install karnak #66 trowel grade on all seams of sbs & all edges of flashing.
10. Flash all pipe penetrations.
11. Flash around chimney.
12. Installing cricket behind chimney to divert water from chimney.
13. Remove all debris from job site.

2) Proposal 2: rubber torch down roof ( Allied product)
1. Rip-off roof down to existing wood.
2. Remove all damaged or rotted wood.
3. Chimney to be re-flashed using Karnack 19.
4. GAF ice water shield leak barrier will be installed to all gutter eyes abd o all valeys to protect areas of ice dams.
5. Install ½ inch insulation down + base sheet.
6. Silver coating on the top after roof is done ( do I need this step now or after 5 years?).
13. Remove all debris from job site.

3) Proposal 3: GAF liberty adhesive 2 PLY system
1. Tear off old roof ( asphalt) .
2. No redecking, ice and water shield since the adhesive has the sheilds.
3. Install new vent pipe collar neoprene gasket flashing.
4. NO ventilation, insulation or hip and ridge cap.
5. Install aluminium gravel stop.
6. Install Aluminium drip edge if needed.
7. Install copper flashing at chimney

Re: Flat roof ( 5 squares)

Not a roofer, but sbs is a good roof. 1 or 2 would be first on the list. Any tear off should inspect the deck and repair what's needed.
Actually #1 sounds a bit more comprehensive.

Re: Flat roof ( 5 squares)

option 1 seems the better choice.

Re: Flat roof ( 5 squares)

Option #1 is the better system and if you copied and paste the scope of work from the quotes, the his reads with the most experience.
This is a 8-10 yr service life roof assembly. You could ask them for an alternate ADD to the base bid to receive a 2nd ply mineral surface top ply. If they assemble it right it would eliminate the drip edge stripping ply and utilize the top ply as the drip edge stripping material. Its strange for the metal to be called out as 2 x 2. Standard is 3" x 3" in 24 gage steel with a KYNAR finish nailed every 4-5" in a 3/4" stagger pattern

GAF is horrible on flat roofing, they need to stick to steep slope applications.
and option #2 I would not let anyone have an open flame on my home unless they were CERTA certified with the NRCA.

On a side note; If you feel up to it, obviously you have spent a great deal of time already in talks with these 3 roofers. However they all appear to be residential roofing companies by the way they speak in the quotes. A commercial roofer will be more expensive but flat roof systems are their specialty.

Re: Flat roof ( 5 squares)

Karnak is a good product. Since late 80's it has been one of the most consistent product in the asphalt arena. Every bucket is exactly the same and looks perfect through and through. other brands tend to separate after just a few weeks on the shelf, not Karnak any product they make any time. And its reasonably priced compared to others.
Just like a can of Coke, its always good anywhere you can find it.

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