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Flat Panel LCD Mount on Pocket Door Wall


I'm planning on mounting a flat panel lcd on my living room wall ... however it is a plaster/lathe wall with a pocket door.

My house was built in 1926 - and it's pretty solid.

The pocket door walls are studded sideways with 2x4's (true 2x4's!) - and I was wondering if it was a problem to install the tv and the mount on these studs. The tv is a 42" and about 70 lbs and the articulating mount is approx 25 lbs - so a combined weight of 95 lbs.

Is it safe to mount this directly with 4 lag bolts into two studs ... or should I be mounting a 36" x 24" 3/4" plywood to span 3 studs and installing the mount on that? I also have to keep in mind that the articulating mount can swing out approx 19" (I don't think I'll be doing that, but I'd like to be on the safe side)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Flat Panel LCD Mount on Pocket Door Wall

if you can mount the 3/4 " plywood first, this will help distribute the weight better and will give something solid to fasten the tv too, ive used this method on commercial jobs where i had to mount 42" flat screens to steel stud walls. just be sure to use construction adhesive as well

Re: Flat Panel LCD Mount on Pocket Door Wall

Thanks for your help!

So - should I be bolting the mount through the 3/4 ply and into the studs aswell - I guess that would be ideal, however the tv wouldn't be centered then.

Thanks again!


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