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Flat Fiberglass Roof Maintance


We live in a condo with a shared flat fiberglass roof deck. We have heard different time frames for often to re-paint the surface. One person said every 3 years and anther said every 10. Is there a standard time frame? Does it depend on the conditions/materials used? Is there anything else in terms of maintenance we should be doing on a regular basis?

Re: Flat Fiberglass Roof Maintance

Flat roofs have the shortest life spans among all types of roofs. However, with good maintenance and care, you can stretch it.

How often to paint it? If the painting is for sun beating on the roof (like white), then it could vary, subject to the elements (sun, wind, rain, snow, ice, etc.), the condition of the existing paint, your budget, etc.

Other maintenance items include:
- Inspecting the seams, check around vents, chimney, edges, and treating if necessary.
- Keeping the roof free of debris.
- Drainage is very important in flat roofs, make sure excess rainwater has a safe way down.
- Gutters and spouts should be clean at all times.

Do all of the above all the time and you will have a trouble free roof. There is no set time to do it, just inspect, inspect, inspect. When you detect something faulty, don't hesitate and repair it right away.

Re: Flat Fiberglass Roof Maintance

Fiberglass roof?? If its an asphalt two - four ply built up roof assembly with a flood coat smooth aluminium painted surface, then the silver painting should be RE painted when the existing silver has faded between 40-60%. It's also very important to use an asphalt based silver paint either a fiber filled or non fibered alumination. Fiber filled tends to last longer but the most important thing when using silver paint is to properly stir it in the can before you use it. Using a 1/2" drill with a stir paddle is best. If it not stirred the silver will have a bronze look to it after your finished and it will not weather the elements nearly as long as intended.
There are several different brands of silver paint on the market. The high end brands will use a shredded aluminum flake blended into the product. Leaves a Highly reflective surface and more durable to mother nature. Will extend life approximately 20%
Its important to continue using an asphalt based silver paint in lieu of switching to a white coating. Using a white coating might sound like a good idea at the time but you will render the roof in what is considered an "unrepairable condition" by contaminating the surface with with unlike product no other asphalt based material will properly bond to the existing roof.

Silver coating has zero water proofing qualities. Moisture goes right through it. Silver paint is for UV protection only. There are only a handful of products on the market that make a rubberized alumination that can shed water immediately after install, however they break down over time allow moisture to pass through.

What dj1 says about doing routine PM work on the roof is important especially on a flat roof.

Re: Flat Fiberglass Roof Maintance

for a standard brand of silver coating its life expectancy is around 7-10 years. That is if it has 80-100% exposure to sun light.
You can silver coat the roof too much!! You don't want to get it so thick that when it cures it begins to crack and flake. Heavy silver paint will hide problems in the roof and make it difficult for contractors to locate dried felts or splits in the felts.
Apply enough to color the surface silver. Thats it, thats all you need, heavier is not better when it come to silver coating.
It is also common to only silver paint the areas of the roof which are fading at a faster rate. Areas in full exposure to the sun versus areas under shade the majority of the time.
You should be seeing 40-60% black asphalt before you apply a fresh silver coating.

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