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Fixing Sun Discoloration in hardwood floors

My wife and I just bought our first house with original 88 year-old hardwood floors in them. The current owner has refinished them and most of the floor is in great condition. Unfortunately a previous owner did not take very good condition of the floors and there are large dark stains in various areas. Both a friend of ours and our realtor said they think it is discoloration due to the sun. Here is a link to a picture of what's probably the worst area: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_T_HQ9glHYFo/S6QF3_A_vLI/AAAAAAAAAcA/VmwfiFfGbl0/s800/NewHouse-12.jpg

Is there anything that can be done to get rid of these spots?

Re: Fixing Sun Discoloration in hardwood floors

This is not sun damage. I own a five story apartment building built 98 years ago and ten of the apartments get direct sunlight from the south. I have never had floors that look like yours. I have had problems with "pet stains" which is what they suspiciously look like. The only solution is to resand the floor and stain the floor a dark stain to match the dark stains and then polyurethane them.

Re: Fixing Sun Discoloration in hardwood floors

I'm with the Captain --- looks like pet or water stains to me.

The floor would need to be sanded down and perhaps a bleeching *may* remove the darkest of the dark.

As for staining the floor --- kinda looks like that was attempted except they may have also gone over the dark patches which made them darker -- hard to tell.


Both a friend of ours and our realtor said they think it is discoloration due to the sun

Take the word of the realtor?!?!?:D

Re: Fixing Sun Discoloration in hardwood floors

Oh well, I've gotten a couple more expert opinions and pet stains seem to be the consensus. Most of the really bad areas (the picture I linked to is the worse room of all) will have furniture or area rugs covering it so its not a really big immediate need for us. Since they've recently been refinished I probably won't worrying about staining the floors darker for a few years. Maybe at that point I'll decide to just replace them all!

I don't think my Realtor was attempting to lead us astray to make a sale. He did warn us that it could be something more difficult to remove and was only speaking out of his limited knowledge and experience of hardwood floor stains. I do agree though that there are a lot of Realtors out there that will stretch information quite a bit, we definitely met some of them!

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