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Fixing Bowing Wall Due to Brick Foundation Buckle

Good day,

I've got a 1925 Gambrel home with a full basement in Des Moines Iowa.

The wall in question still has the older large red brick blocks.

The wall is one of the main long walls.

The foundation has buckled a little bit at the top and the wall has correspondingly bucked out about 2 inches.

The result is a 2 inch gap between the wall and the wood floor for about 25' long. Thus there is an angle from the ceiling getting wider to the floor.

The main sill is half on and half off the perpendicular floor joists.

It has probably been this way for over 30 or 40 years and would probably be ok for another 50 but I am remodeling the room and would like a straight wall.

I've had difficulty finding a contractor willing to touch it with the red brick. Plenty of basement wall repairmen but nobody with the experience to work on it.

I've thought about drilling pilot holes in the sill and in the joists about every 6 feet and using grade 8 eye bolts installed and use the hand winch/come alongs to winch it in a couple notches at a time.

What is the consensus for this type of fix? Any recommendations for contractors in my area who might tackle this job? Should I just put two layers of dry wall in and call it good?
I just like to do things properly.

Thanks in advance for all your good help.


Re: Fixing Bowing Wall Due to Brick Foundation Buckle

Before you try to fix a thing like this, find out why the foundation buckled in the first place and try to fix that problem.

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