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Fixes for an improper hot roof?

I am in the process of purchasing a 1 1/2 story house from 1904. It has a six year old roof, and the second story of the house gets very warm inside. There is one box vent on the roof and one gable vent. Prior roofing inspectors have noted blistering and one inspector stated that removing the entire roof and installing a cold roof system is the only fix, and that installing additional roof vents would be useless. Is this true? Are there any other options? The home is located in a wide-ranging climate with extreme temperatures (central Indiana).

Re: Fixes for an improper hot roof?

Installing a cold roof may help for sure, but I disagree with the inspector who said it's the only way.

Considering the life left on your roof, it will be cost ineffective to replace it now. There are steps you can take right now that can improve your situation for a lot less money, such as adding vents (dormer vens, ridge vent and others), improve insulation.

Consult a few general contractors to recommend a good solution for your area.

Re: Fixes for an improper hot roof?

R51, you now have the issue of how to price this into your purchase price. Normally, the inspection contingency permits you to modify your offer on the house based on inspections.
Something like this, unfortunately, is a risk . . . ask for too much of a discount, the seller may cancel the sale. Get a wrong estimate, let the seller fix it wrong or accept "as it" and you can have buyer's remorse after closing & moving in (my buyer's remorse was $20,000).

The seller is likely to think that the 6-year roof is not a problem, an "inherent design", or something that you can easily live with, and, not give you any money for it.

So far, you're getting diverse opinions, and it makes it difficult to negotiate if you don't know what the right outcome should be.

So, get a reputable roofing contractor to assess the situation (easier said than done). If you have a time crunch, offer to pay an inspection fee (mine was $120 including pest, testing the shower pan tightness) and maybe you'll get a quick apointmnent.

At least, find out a potentiall fix, give notice to the seller, and find what the price gap is before you get deeper.

Good luck.

Re: Fixes for an improper hot roof?

The seller is well aware of the issue, sorry I forgot to mention that before. Actually, the seller's realtor brought it up without me mentioning anything on the first home visit. Now, the issue just becomes how to move forward, as you mentioned t_manero. We have our 3rd party home inspection complete and basically we are putting together a pitch for the seller: $xxx for repairs outlined in home inspection, in addition to the roof situation.

The ridge vent, which was mentioned, seems most reasonable and like the greatest option to fix it right now. I just wanted to run the situation by this forum to see if the "remove it and put a cold roof on because nothing else will have any effect" appraisal is correct or not. We will have a new roofing inspector look at it soon.

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