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Fix cracked drywall at doorframe

Next to the door there is a crack that I've tried to repair by just scraping out the cracked surface, and then filling with spackling. The crack eventually returns. Should I be sanding out the section and putting joint tape on, and then building up the area with spackling? What suggestions are out there?


Re: Fix cracked drywall at doorframe

It looks as though there is a seam at that point which shouldn't be done that way.
When drywalling around a door way the seam should never be at the corners since there will be some movenet at that point and will cause a crack.

Yes, use the fiber mesh tape and use actual joint compound ( not finshing compound ) since it cures very hard.The tape provides strength along with the joint compound. Then use the finshing compound to give you the smooth finish layer.

Re: Fix cracked drywall at doorframe

You may want to consider using elastomeric spackle over the mesh, since the drywall is not installed in best manner. (I couldn't open your picture, but I think I know the situation based on canuk's answer).

Re: Fix cracked drywall at doorframe

Thank you both for the quick and good description on fixing the drywall crack. I have 5 cracks like this in the house, and your analysis is consistent with where each crack is.

Re: Fix cracked drywall at doorframe

i've repaired many of these type of cracks first brake open the seam try to install 2"drywall screw on each side of the crack then fill with paintable silcon caulk tape with mesh level with the caulk prime & paint

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