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fix concrete patio slope

I have an old ugly concrete patio that has settled and slopes toward the house. I would like to have a flagstone patio with a slight slope away from the house. What is the best way to do that? Should the old patio be removed? Or could the slope be corrected by putting sand (or something else?) on top of the concrete and then have the stones laid on top of the sand? What are the pros and cons of each and which would be less costly? Thank you!

Re: fix concrete patio slope

The ground beneath the concrete slab has likely settled toward the foundation which will cause water infiltration of the foundation ... which is not a good thing. You mentioned your new surface will have a slop away from the foundation which is a good thing to do.

If you were to build up the sloped existing concrete area with sand for the new surface this won't last long since you really should address the soil settling issue first. Sand will also allow water to percolate through and you will still have water infiltrating the foundation.

It's unclear as to condition of the rest of the concrete slab and what area you live .... if you have winter ground frost ... this will also affect the new surface you want. If the existing slab is moving around underneath the new surface you will have problems within a year or two.

The proper way ... though not the cheapest ... would be to remove the existing concrete and build up the settled area with well tamped soil first. Then ... depending on the area you're in ... lay ground cloth covered by a tamped gravel base. The ground cloth will isolate the gravel from the soil which also helps with water drainage and helps to prevent frost heaving if applicable. Then you're ready to lay the new surface.

Good luck.

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