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Re: first time homeowner,please help

thanks a lot for your help.
If the radiators dont start working, i might have to call in the professionals.

Re: first time homeowner,please help

I have been reading these posts with great interest and while I think the advice has been excellent I do believe one bit of advice has been left out. In a radiator like yours there are usually shut off valves at each radiator. Most of the time those valves become bad and are either stuck in the open position or are stuck in the closed position.
In radiators that have that valve on the floor next to the radiator you will need to replace that valve. While you are at it you might want to check out thermostatic controls so that you can regulate the temperature of each room with it. Don't expect to find what you need at your local home center as they will not have what you need. Instead seek out a plumbing supply place and buy what you need there. They can also give you advice on what you will need. Don't expect those valves to be easy to remove either as you will need two pipe wrenches and a great deal of strength. Sometimes buying a pipe to fit over the wrench for extra leverage helps as the extended length helps. Good luck!

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: first time homeowner,please help

I think you might find this website helpful. Start off with the Systems tab. Lots of helpful information (free) there, and a very good forum board that is attended by hydronic heating professionals.



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