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Re: Fireplace smoke fills the room

my guess would be that your flue is to small for the combined opening size of both sides. double sided fireplaces rarly work well because of this

Re: Fireplace smoke fills the room

I believe Ed21 has hit it bang on. You have a poorly designed fireplace. There is a specific design formula for any fireplace, it takes into consideration many factors to establish draught, (draft in the USA), and maintain it. It takes into consideration the hearth size vs. mantle angle and height, flue size and height as well as many other parameters too many to mention here. The reason I know we have a design issue, OK, I believe we have a design issue is that you are seeing smoke at the end of the burn cycle, this is at a time when your draft has been established but as the combustion process is nearing its end we will see lower temps in the hearth but the temp of the flue, (chimney, stack, all the same beast), will not have dropped considerably. The draft should still be sufficient at the end, actually should be almost peak.

A bit of history, when indoor fireplaces became in vogue and affordable for the common Joe (1950's) it was common to get a bricklayer to build one that had all the skills to make them look great but most often did not always have the design background to build one that worked well. That continues today, I have found those with the most problems have been retrofitted with airtight inserts, that would be your best solution in my opinion. Reading from your posts that you buy your wood at the gas station I surmise that you are not using your unit as a heat source. If you are, I must tell you that you are paying at least 10 times more for wood there than from a firewood supplier, you probably knew that.
So in my humble opinion, other than tearing out what you have and getting a bricky that knows fireplace design getting an insert retrofitted is your solution. I have seen 2 sided inserts where one side is fixed glass and you charge wood into the opposite side.
Hope this helps.

Re: Fireplace smoke fills the room

not that this helps you but we just rebuilt ond for a customer that was very interesting. i have never seen this before but the double sided fireplace had two 12 by 12 flues and two seperate smoke chambers. one side the smoke chamber was designed reasonably well the other was horrible. what we did was to build a new back wall for the side with the good smoke chamber and put a modern wood burning insert and liner on the otherside. now they have an open fireplace that doesnt smoke and a wood stove that actually produces heat. it was a cool project but in the 5 years i have been doing chimney work i have never seen another one built like this and my father who has been doing it for 35 years has only ever seen one other.


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