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Fireback as a backsplash

Hey all,

I'm in a real bind here. My wife and I chose this decorative fireback, as the centerpiece of our backsplash, to go over our oven. However, here's the dilemma...we have no idea how to mount it....lol.

Basically, we have a concrete board wall to hang it on, it's a 15" x 15" cast iron piece weighing 35 lbs...so it's moderately heavy.

We've seen a number of pictures utilizing these firebacks as backsplash pieces, and they are much heavier than ours, but they don't really express how they did it.

I can't imagine any type of adhesive working on a 35 lbs pieces of metal, but if anyone has any thoughts, it'd be much welcomed. The only caveat is that we don't want to drill holes into it and use bolts that will show through the front of it.

Anyone will to help us figure this out? Pictures to come.

Thanks so much in advance,

Re: Fireback as a backsplash


I wanted to move this back up and see if anyone has any thoughts.

A. Spruce
Re: Fireback as a backsplash

If the piece has no cleats on the back to hang it, then I think I would go with an aluminum angle screwed to the wall under the piece, then adhesive to stick it to the wall. The angle will support the weight, the adhesive will keep it from going anywhere.

What kind of adhesive, you ask? Probably something along the lines of mirror setting or baseboard adhesive, as long as they're rated for metal. These adhesives stay somewhat pliable, which I think would be critical for this application.

Re: Fireback as a backsplash

What spruce said, plus: you can use mounting clips for the sides, like the kind we use for mirrors.

Re: Fireback as a backsplash

It it's square you could make a metal frame for it with keyholes on the back. Even just a couple slots to drop down over 2 well-anchored screws should do.

This might be a little "out there" but what about magnets? Those rare-earth magnets are almost impossible to lift off and I've seen fitted cups with a screw hole in the center that could mount the magnets flush in counter-bored holes in the wall.

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