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Finishing Basement with Hidden Doorway

I'd like to finish our basement but I'm not sure where to start. I have a basic idea of what I'd like. I'd like to split the basement in two creating a utility area on one side (water heater, boiler, washer dryer, sump & well) and then living area on the other side. I also thought it'd be kinda neat to have a hidden doorway through a book case. Any ideas on that? Should I have it swing with casters on the end or push in and slide over... what's the best way?

A. Spruce
Re: Finishing Basement with Hidden Doorway

Swinging out would be the easiest to do and conceal.

MLB Construction
Re: Finishing Basement with Hidden Doorway

spruce is right but you can buy kits that you put together. look ****** for them.

Re: Finishing Basement with Hidden Doorway

Its such an Important part I think you should get proper idea from any professional!!!

Re: Finishing Basement with Hidden Doorway

i worked as a custom cabinet maker and designer for 12 years full time and built 8 or 9 hidden passages. the easiest is to build it into a paneled wall. then just have one ov the panels swing out of the room away from the moulding. i found bookshelves work best swinging also. i think it is easier to conceil swinging away from the finished room. we always used casters under the whole cabinet and a floating hinge that would let the cabinet rise and fall with changes in the floor

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