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Finishing Basement with French Drain

I'm in the process of planing a basement remodel. We had an interior French Drain put in a couple of months back which has taken care of the water problem we have. However, during hard rain, we can still see water comging through where the wall meets the floor as it funnels down to the drain. No a major problem ( in 3 months the sump pumps haven't even triggered yet).

My concern is this. I'm planning on putting XPS installation directly on the exterior walls, and the frame the walls about 5 or so inches away from the wall and used unfaced insulation. However, I know there's moisture behind the walls coming in, and although minor, i'm concerned could lead to damage down the road.

Does what I'm proposing sound right? Is there anything else I should do to minimze the changes of this being a problem? Thanks!

Re: Finishing Basement with French Drain

Did anyone ever reply to you on this??? I'm about to post a similar question. I'm super concerned that not fixing where the water comes in will leave me not much farther than when I started. Please let me know what you ended up doing and if you found anywhere better to post your questions!

Re: Finishing Basement with French Drain


It's always best to concentrate on the OUTSIDE of the house to prevent runoff rain from accumulating near the foundation wall & working its way into the basement---this means checking even the roof shingles to make sure there a non-leaking roof gutters receiving the roof rain, channeling it to non-leaking roof gutters, then to downspouts, then directing the water AWAY from the foundation by downspout extenders.

Also check to see that all ground and walkways adjacent to the foundation PITCH AWAY from the basement walls so that the runoff rainwater flows away from the house; sometimes the roof downspouts are directed to an underground catch basin and drywell so that all building water is directed away from the house.

Google "wet basement diy solutions" for more sites on this topic.


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