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Finished wall insulation options

My husband and I want to insulate the stud bays in a finished wall that separates a noisy utility room and a media room. What is the best way to insulate these bays without destroying too much of the finished and painted drywall? Nine stud bays need to be insulated. We are told that only a professional can do the job. What can DIYs like ourselves do?

Re: Finished wall insulation options

Blown insulation may be the answer. There some things you can do to cut costs, such as drilling holes, closing them and finishing them after the insulation is in. Your contractor will show where to drill.

Re: Finished wall insulation options

Check with your local building supply or hardware store and see if they rent the machines for blowing in cellulose insulation. If they do then this becomes totally DIY. You will need a hole saw and a stud finder. Locate all the studs, then run the stud finder vertically to locate any blocking, pipes or electrical wires. Save the discs from drilling the holes to use to plug the holes after.

If you have room to put a second layer of sheetrock on one side of that wall, then put all the holes on that side. Cover the wall with that thin foam sometimes used under vinyl siding and then use a second layer of sheetrock.

Alternatives would be to carpet the wall, adhesive carpet squares would be easy to put up and absorb a lot of sound. If you carpet the side that faces the media room, it would help absorb sound reflections in the room, but this would be best if that wall is the back wall of the media room.

You could also cover the wall with acoustic ceiling panels. I think that carpet would look better though. Maybe acoustic ceiling panels on the utility room side of the wall and carpet on the media room side.

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