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Finish Too Shiny

Help! I had some chairs refinished and the finish put on them is too shiny. Is it possible to steel wool the finish off and then reapply another finish that is not so glossy without taking off the stain? Or is there another way that I can get rid of the high shine?

Timothy Miller
Re: Finish Too Shiny

Howdy consider scuffing the finish and adding a coat of satin- non gloss ...

Re: Finish Too Shiny

Hi Jenny, I think that if you had your chairs done by someone, it would be a fair amount of work to dull the finish with steel wool or other abrasive, as the chairs may have detail that is not easy to navigate. Did you request a flat or semi-gloss finish when you had the job done? If so, the vendor who did them should fix them. If nothing was stated, you might try spraying a semi-gloss or matte finish polyurethane on the bottom of one chair leg to see if that solves the problem. It may cover the shine and it will be hard enough to last. If that doesn't work and the manual work to dull them is too much, a local woodworking shop could (gently) sand blast the finish to dull the shine.

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