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Re: Finish Nail Gun

When I do trim I mostly use the 15 ga finish nailer. Sometimes use the 18 ga brad nailer to pin corners of a miter but that is about it for the 18 ga.

Re: Finish Nail Gun

I have been using a 2" 18ga brad nail for trim, crown & baseboards for years now & they work very well - I use a 23ga pin nailer for holding outside miter joints on crown or casing while the glue dries. The smaller nail hole is also a plus - not so much when painting, but it's especially nice when staining.

IMO... a 15ga nail is overkill for baseboards and window/door casings.

A. Spruce
Re: Finish Nail Gun
libcarp wrote:

IMO... a 15ga nail is overkill for baseboards and window/door casings.

I tend to agree, I like my brad nailer over the finish nailer because it's a smaller hole to fix, less easy to see when working with stainables, and when using glue (cabinetry and woodworking ), the nail really is only holding things until the glue dries.

Slightly off topic, with woodworking I've move away from nailing as much as possible, opting for blind fasteners such as pocket screws and biscuit joints. I'd rather take a little longer and use a few clamps than to see patched nails everywhere.

Re: Finish Nail Gun
jkirk wrote:

on a related note, ive been trimming a 3500 sq ft house for the last week, i was trained to use as many nails as required to keep the trim tight, being tight joints, casing tight to the wall and tight to jambs, so this can require extra nailing. so on a house this size normally i would expect to use roughly 2-3 boxes of 18 gauge nails. gluing the trim to the walls was also required

the contractor im currently workng for doesnt want glue wasted for holding trim to the wall and jambs, so in order to keep casing tight to the wall and jambs you need more nails... today the painter bitched me out about so many nail holes. my question whats worse, a few extra nail holes that need to be filled or a call back from a home owner because trim is coming off the wall, which ive seen several times by other crews

well see here is the difference they go by the motto if you can't do it two or three times its not worth doing:D

Re: Finish Nail Gun

I don't use glue but do use a 15 ga. nailer for baseboard, window trim, and crown. To me 18 ga is to easy to be pulled through. 15 ga. is a lot closer to the size of finish nails we use to use. Although 18 ga holes are smaller that makes them harder to fill than the larger 15 ga holes.


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