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Finding the right people for basement dig

I have an unfinished 900 sqft walk out basement that I am considering excavating to gain additional height. I know this is not a DIY job at all, and I should go over it with structural engineers and contractors. How can I find people that have residential excavation with underpinning experience around Arlington MA?

Re: Finding the right people for basement dig

1. Referrals.
2. Referrals.
3. Referrals.

Re: Finding the right people for basement dig

Perhaps one place to start would be the Yellow Pages under "Engineers, Civil", as well as "Excavating Contractors".

Most towns require you to submit a plan drawn up by a civil engineer before the town will allow any structural excavations or modifications; in turn, the engineer you hire may be able to suggest a contractor who will actually do the excavating work.

It should be noted that for most homeowners there is usually no need to excavate for the entire 900 sq.ft.---a partial excavation will cost much less, & is usually all that is required---do some heavy thinking on exactly what you intend to do with the new space.

Timothy Miller
Re: Finding the right people for basement dig

consider calling your local building department for a referral they should be able to tell you contractors that do this type of work in the area.

Re: Finding the right people for basement dig

Thanks! Found two so far using the term excavating contractor. One guy wants to come over soon to talk about the project. The other referred me to a civil engineer and asked me to get back to them once I have an approved plan with the town. Didn't think of using the building department for referrals, will try that too.

Von_steuben, when you talk about not excavating the entire area, are you talking about benching? As I understand it, with underpinning I'd get more depth from every sqft, right up to the walls. But with benching, if I wanted an additional 18" of depth, I'd need to leave a ledge 18" wide.

That approach may work. I'm still in the early researching stage. It'll be interesting to find out what the cost difference is. Is a hybrid possible? Ledges along two walls, and full depth on the other two?

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