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Re: Filling gap between molding pieces

The head plumbing guy at my local HD is a licensed master plumber. Go figure.

Re: Filling gap between molding pieces

I freely admit that back in my contracting days when I had serious carpentry to do and wanted premium stock, I went to the old family run lumber yard. If I needed really fine hardwoods, there was a specialty yard for that too with every species of wood known to man, or it seemed.

For my paint, I traded with the local small chain which had knowledgeable people who would have a called in order ready for me in the 20 minutes it took to get to the store. If they were busy and I needed an item off the shelf, I would grab it , hold it up and say "I'm taking this". they would wave back and say "got ya". Try that at your local big box store!

I did buy various sundries and equipment at Home Depot or even Sam's, but for everyday paint and special orders, I went to the local paint store.

For power tools, I always went to Berland's House of Tools in the Chicago area. Where HD would have a half dozen belt sanders, Berland's would have a whole row full of them, and nothing but quality makes. Sure they cost more, but quality costs.

Curiously, I recently was in Germany and went to the local big box store which looked strangely like Home Depot down to the orange color scheme, but had no relation. I noticed that the German store carried the green housing Bosch tools. We only see the blue housing pro grade Bosch tools here in the US. I asked the salesman why this was so. He said it was cost. The Blue housing Bosch tools were only available at pro stores catering to craftsman in Germany.

I guess they want to uphold their reputation for quality overseas. Germany lives or dies by its exports.

Re: Filling gap between molding pieces

your right about the quality of german tools.. you want to see high quality look into festool


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