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Field stone Foundation Leak

I live in a 1920s house with a field stone foundation up to about 6 feet, with concrete above. I've always had one damp corner. About a year ago, I started to get water through the wall in another area. Not enough for a sump, but enough to have to vacuum up from time to time. Leak is intermittent, usually when the water table is high and seeps in through the wall, not at the base.

Along with being field stone, there's an old retaining wall just outside that was erected without weep holes, which must add to the problem. Also, the wall is directly behind my washer and dryer. Any issues around my gas pipe being on this damp wall?

I'm assuming I can't water proof the field stone. Anyone have any ideas that don't involve a new foundation?

Re: Field stone Foundation Leak

you have concrete poured on top of your field stone? that is different. the only way I know is to dig outside and add drainage at the base of the wall this is very difficult and risky with most field stone walls because the outside is very uneven and it is very easy to accidentally hit the wall and cause serious damage. but it can be done you could also do the trench around the perimeter inside sloped to a sump

Curly Q Link
Re: Field stone Foundation Leak

Thanks for the tip. I'm hoping to avoid digging outside.

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