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fiberglass tub creaking, possible soft spots

I've been remodelling house and replaced my steel bathtub with a fiberglass one(which i really wish I would have stuck with another metal one). Now after 2yrs of installing it's starting to creak/make noises when I step around in it. I'm not sure if it's soft spots or the floor under it settling or something but would like to fix it before it cracks. Should or could I either raise the floor joist there if it is settling, or do they have some low expansion foam or something I can spray from basement into underneath the tub to even out the weight of it.
I'm an electrican by trade and really not fond of plumbing and ignorant on most of it so need some advice please

Re: fiberglass tub creaking, possible soft spots

Is the ceiling below showing signs of movement?

Is the caulking around the perimeter of the tub cracked? does it show movement when you step in and out?

The foam in a can will work fine if you have no other structural problems. Use the stuff in the blue can for windows and doors. It expands less. Be sure to load the tub with 100 pounds (of something soft as not to scratch the tub) for about an hour or so as the foam expands and cures. You don't want the foam pushing up on the tub of down on the joists.

Re: fiberglass tub creaking, possible soft spots

What make tub do you have? Many fiberglass tubs had to be set in mortar. Don't use foam as it can raise the tub off the floor. You may be able to get some mortar under it from in the basement around the trip waste. Fill the tub with water and try to push in as much mortar as you can. After it sets up then drain the tub.


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