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Fiberglass insulation shedding?

Good afternoon, all.  

I have an open, unfinished basement that runs the entire span of my home, and I'm going to be insulating the ceiling. The joists are exposed wood, and I’m planning on installing fiberglass batts. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve been reading and watching instructional videos and tips extensively, and I believe I understand the how-to; now, I just actually need to do.  And once they're installed, I won't be covering them over with any ceiling tiles or whatnot; just the paper vapor barrier it'll already have.

My quandary: The basement is used all of the time, 24-hour access, and the door is never closed (yes, heat escapes that way too, but that's part and parcel). I say this because we have one cat and four quite small dogs who roam down there extensively, any time of the day or night, because it’s where the litter box and puppy pads are for when we’re not at home. In addition, the cat frequently sleeps down there.  And the basement is my work area.

I’m always conscientious about keeping debris from my work area cleaned up, so no dog or cat will be injured, either from contact or ingestion of substances. But once the fiberglass has been installed and stapled into place, is there any danger of the insulation shedding or releasing particulates into the air afterwards, where any dog, cat, or person could potentially inhale it? I presume that once fiberglass insulation is installed, it stays put, minding its own business, but that topic wasn't covered in my research.

I'm looking to begin in about two weeks.  Thank you.


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