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fiberglass batt under cellulose

hello all, long time viewer/reader, 1st time homeowner/poster...

so, got a little early 1950's era home, looking to improve a bit. Was looking to add some blow-in cellulose to the attic, and while doing so realized there is some fiberglass batts under the cellulose, with paper side faced away from the living area! does not feel damp or smell, but now I wonder if I really want to add more cellulose on top (yes!), probably best bet is to remove the fiberglass as much as possible. Seems that I read on here if your cellulose is deep enough, a vapor barrier isn't nescessary. And fyi, I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and already have had snow this week, so really anxious to keep my heat, lol.

Re: fiberglass batt under cellulose

spot on mate! you'll lick this homeowner thing in no time.

Re: fiberglass batt under cellulose

I'd leave the kraft facing alone and not worry about it. Add more cellulose to the top and sleep well at night.

We prefer the white Johnson fiberglass blown in to the paper cellulose as the Johnson stays fluffy and doesn't pack down over time.

Re: fiberglass batt under cellulose

hi, thanks for the reply. After looking around the attic somemore, it appears the kraftfaced batts are fairly extensive. Not worth the trouble to remove. Looked at the blown in fiberglass, like that it doesn't settle, but the price of cellulose and the fact that it's recycled is why I went with it, got a roof issue that needs to be addressed 1st though, lol.

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