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Fertilizing Yard?

We have just raked up our leaves from last year and are afraid that the yard is dead. Any suggestions on when or if to fertilize and what kind? Are there any other steps I can take?

Re: Fertilizing Yard?

This is where the "before you post" part of the board really comes in handy. Where are you?

Most often you should apply something like Scott's turf builder right now.

My guess is that the grass not dead just because it had leaves on it this winter. I bet you have really healthy roots because the leaves kept the soil warmer and the worms stayed closer to the surface.

The grass around here isn't coming up yet, just the weeds and invasive grasses.

Re: Fertilizing Yard?

thanks debbie
I was not able to find the "read before you post".

We are in Mass.

Thanks again

Re: Fertilizing Yard?

Some years back a pile of leaves was left in my Grandmothers yard and in the spring it appeared the grass below the leafpile was dead. However, after a spring fertilizer application and some warm weather the grass came back healthy and full. Hope this gives you some confidence that your grass should be fine.

I don't think I would apply a spring fertilizer until the ground has thawed and isn't a mush pit. I am in Wisconsin and we still have snow on the ground. I am probably a month from being able to put fertilizer down.

Good luck.

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