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Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

I have a jacuzzi tub that sits in a two step up faux marble platform.

I need to replace the spout – it is brass and the brass has corroded off about 3 inches from the spout.

The only way I can see how to get at the fixtures and replace them is by removing the riser on front facing the step. The fixtures are at the front right. There is no access from the side as it butts up against the shower stall with is also lined w the same faux marble. I removed all the caulk around the edges of the faux marble riser (which is about 13in high, and six feet long) but it won’t budge. Unfortunately when I look inside /under the unit where the pump is I see that the riser is constructed with plywood and the faux marble is probably glued to the plywood.

My question is: Can I just cut out a segment of the riser (both the plywood and fmarble) then simply replace it with a new piece of faux marble (assuming I can find a match…it’s about 20 yrs old) , or I could put the cut piece back and repair the cut with epoxy or matching caulk.

Other ideas…Any suggestions appreciated.

Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

Hold your saw! don't cut yet.

Look in the adjacent room or whatever is on the other side of the bathroom wall and see what's there.

Good chance there's a hidden access door, exclusively for the purpose of making plumbing repairs for this type of tub.

Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

Could you post a picture of the faucet. Some spouts can be replaced from the top of the tub without having to remove any marble.


Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

Thanks for your responses...
There is no hidden access door (that I can see). To the right of the jacuzzi is the shower stall with a full Faux Marble wall in the shower, the rear of the jacuzzi sits against an outside wall, to the left is a water closet. At the back of the WC is the access panel for the jacuzzi motor and pump. That is on the far side of where the fixtures are, so no way to use it to get to them.

As for unscrewing the spout from the top...tried that but there is a collar around the top of the tub and the spout base which is elipical sits up against the side of the collar. So no way will it turn.

Looks like its back to the saw...where's a good place to find faux marble?

A. Spruce
Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

Faux marble is usually custom made to order, so you need to look for a local company that makes cultured stone. You can take them a sample to try to match colors a little bit, but that is as far as you're going to get, since every single batch of cultured stone varies in color and texture due to the way it is mixed and cast. You will probably get close, but it won't match.

I have successfully removed pieces without breaking them, but it isn't easy and there is no guarantee that it won't break. You need to get under it with some flat pry bars and gently work it loose, the longer and flatter the prybars, the better, that will allow you to essentially cut the glue with the prybar rather than flexing the material and risking breakage.

Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

If the jacuzzi is a drop-in, it might be easier to lift it out to do the work then drop it back in. It may be possible to access it from underneath too. Think outside of the box and look for every possible way to get to the faucet and the best answer will then be clear. It is never good building practice to not have usable access to every plumbing faucet, supply tube, and drain trap but designers and architects often want them built that way. Faced with the dilemma you describe I install blocking and screw the substrate from behind where you can reach it through an accessible area even if you need a drill bit extension to reach the screws- then you just cut the caulking and your helper catches the whole panel, making access wide open and easy!


Re: Faux Marble & repl bath fixtures...

Thanks for all the suggestions. In the end I took one of those new occilating cutting tools and vertically cut the rizer in front of the faucets. Got access to the plumbing, cut the pipes out with the tool and put the new fixture in. Getting the cut segment out was tricky since it was glued to there was qtr inch plywood with plenty of glue, but I got it done with only minor scratches. Put it all back together and filled the new vertical cut with matching calk and it passed the wife's inspection so it must look good!

By the way, since geting at all the plumbing was a pain, (the cold water input line was at arms length under the marble top)which would make soldering a bear, the guys at Ace hardware and Home Depot recommended this new 'Shark' plumbing connector, they do not need solder. It just snaps on to cut clean copper pipe. You can even disconnect it if you need to, and quickly reconnect it. I did that 3 times. The stuff is a little expensive, but for a small 'pain in the butt' project like this it is FANTASIC! I highly recommend it.

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