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Dean Y
Faulty Brick Installation

Have huge cracks in brick exterior of my 35 yr old home in northern KY. Floors are sagging. Interior wall cracks. Have discovered the brick was installed directly on the ground on a very thin concrete footer and not on the foundation. What are my options on this A-Frame home?

Re: Faulty Brick Installation

Jack the house up and have a proper foundation installed.


Re: Faulty Brick Installation

You can choose:

1- Get several foundation experts out there to give quotes on fixing the problem.

2- Start shopping for a new home.

How did this construction pass inspection ?

Re: Faulty Brick Installation

sounds to me like there is allot more than faulty brick there. If you have sagging floors and cracks inside you have more involved foundation problems. That brick may just be another spot your foundation problems are showing up.

Re: Faulty Brick Installation

All good answers.

A 35 year old house is not that old to show signs of collapsing. There is more to the story here that we don't know at this point. You need to bring in the pros, to assess your situation and recommend ways to fix it. Don't delay and call general contractors, architects or engineers for evaluations. Check their references before you open your checkbook.

Whatever it is, it looks like you are on your own on this one. Good luck and send pictures.

Re: Faulty Brick Installation

I think junkout is right. I've seen many brick veneering jobs added on to houses that were not designed with brick in mind when the foundation was poured, and some do give problems if the brick foundation was inadequate. Reaching the ideal foundation set-up now will be too costly to be practical but with everything apparently moving around (not just the brick), you need some foundation expertise to find out why things are moving and what to do to stop that. Have at least 3 contractors check this out and if there seems to be no consensus on the problem's cause and the best fix, you may want to call in an engineer.


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