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Father's Day

One year ago, my husband Joey and I bought my grandparents house. Since then we have been remodeling. Luckily we have moved into an awesome neighborhood where lots of people are remodeling, therefore borrowing tools from generous neighbors has been our blessing...but I think we are definitely beginning to ware out our welcome with our new friends. We still have a lot of work to do, but Joey is starting to be hesitant about asking the neighbors if we can borrow their saws again. We've even resorted to asking our brother-in-law to bring his tools down from Idaho every time he comes to visit us so we can use them for the weekend. Anyway, it would be absolutely wonderful if we could have our own set of saws - because right now all we have been able to buy is a jigsaw...and I think the experts of TOH would be horrified at the things we have been forced to use it for. :) That's what I wish I could spoil my husband with for Father's Day.

Re: Father's Day

My dad needs a pair of electrical gloves...keeps on getting zapped:)

Re: Father's Day

As the only guy in my family, I do all the fix-ups around the house. Since I
have no one to help me, projects can sometimes go awry – for example, the
last time I was fixing a leak in the roof, I dropped my flashlight and it
shattered. So the first thing on my workshop wish list this year is an
Energizer Hard Case flashlight – something tough that can handle any

Re: Father's Day

I have to say I pretty much buy the tools I need if it makes sense to own them.
What I've really enjoyed is the hammock I got for fathers day that I hung between a couple of trees for afternoons that I actually finish everything or just need to lay back and take in the day.

Re: Father's Day

Hmm, I'd like a hammock to relax on after I finish all my projects. Too bad the project list is sooo long...maybe next summer I can relax. Ha!

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