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Farm Aid '07

Sorry...was getting a like tired of answering work related questions and being theres no Discussion folder I figured this place is as good as any.
My wife Katrina and I went to Farm Aid here in NY this past Sunday...was incredable...here's my limited review.....if ya care:rolleyes:

Concert was totally amazing. More than I actually expected. EVEN KATRINA LOVED IT...WOWWWW!! Thats a first...lol...As we past the US open on the way to Randells Island I asked her if she wanted me to drop her off...lol.
I had to think back and I really can't remember any concert relatively speaking that was this good and at 56 and living in NY my whole life I've been to em' all. I just about lived at The Fillmore East.

One of my new favorite bands now is "Guster". Holy sh## are these guys incredibly great!
I knew they were from Tufts where my daughter Niko went but I just read their profile..

You'd definitely know them from the song Parachute and Time Machine. They play that on Sirius' Spectrum all the time.
ALL the songs were amazing and i don't use that word loosely. The instrumentation was incredible and the fact it was live, well...if I didn't hear it on stage live I'd for sure think they got half those sounds in the studio. Gotta get that CD for sure! ALL their songs are great...thats one thing that makes me feel bad about ipods and buying individual songs on line. I think the newest trend will be to only buy the hit song and most people will never get to hear the rest of the album. If I ever get into using an ipod I'd personally buy the CD and down load the songs I want from it.
I'm a huge Guster fan now !!!

Katie's newest favorite band is The Counting Crows which kinda surprised me.
I think it was Adam Duritz' performance that got to her. Great stage presence.
Now maybe she'll look through my CD collection...I've had several CC cd's for years now.
I really like them a lot ...enough to have bought several CD's but I get kinda bored with them after a few songs at a time.

Matisyahu is great too...I have a feeling he hits the college circuit mostly. Great vibe about the guy and an interesting story behind him that I read a cpl of years ago. He definitely gets the crowd on their feet!! He was on in the beginning of the show so I was able to go right up front and danced in the isle...(and I wasn't even drinkin'..lol)

Then Gregg Allman came out and did some tunes with Derk Trucks on guitar.
The Derek Trucks Band also did a set.
Derek Trucks has to be one of the most intense guitar stranglers I ever heard...ever!

The Allman Bros came out and did a 45 minute set...the longest of the night but probably the shortest in their history...lol.
John Mellonhead came out and spoke about farms in this country and told an anti Bush/war story about when he did Farm Aid about eight years ago in Ohio just when Bush started this war...John stated bad mouthing Bush and the war...said he just about was booed off stage...he said..."and now look at it"! He said look at how disgusting the waste of life has been and what we could have done with all that money in this country to better ourselves.
The two guys sitting next to me.. a cpl of very straight looking young guys that were there mainly to see Dave Mathews...the one guy next to me kept saying "just play the hits and shut up". He obviously was a huge Bush Supporter..they left towards the end of his set...whewww. I just shut up (I wan't drinking...lol)and Farm aid definatly is about politics so one should expect a bit of that when coming to see these bands.
So John tells this story about how he had this girlfriend that toured around with him years ago named Susan..and Derek Trucks stole her away from him...he said she's here tonight and asks her to come out to do a number with him.
It was Susan Tedeschi
who I saw play with BB King at Jones Beach for his 75th Birthday..An amazing blues musician...sound a lot like Bonnie Raitt but I like Susan more..nah nah...lol. Less polished.

Dave Mathews was awesome...
Neil Young spoke the most...he was accompanied by his wife Pegi Young on Dobro the entire set...Dave Mathews also came out and they did some dueling harmonicas...was totally outragous!!!
I was worried to see Neil after seeing movie last year about him called "Heart Of Gold"...he looked so bad in it..right after his bout with the brain anyurism...he looked so fat and swollen and weak. Didn't hardly even recognize him...really! And now?
Looks great again...just older..like all of us.
He spoke about loving to drink NY water cause NY has the best water in the entire country. Because of the sustainable family farms all up and down the Hudson River.(thanks Mr.Seeger)
Then he said he was gonna do an old tune but this time with a different meaning...he breaks into "Homegrown"...LOL.
Homegrown Lyrics
Neil Young
all right with me.
is the way it should be.
is a good thing.
Plant that bell
and let it ring.

The sun comes up
in the morning,
Shines that light around.
One day, without no warning,
Things start jumping up
from the ground.

Well, homegrown's
all right with me.
is the way it should be.
is a good thing.
Plant that bell
and let it ring.

Then Willie came out
around 10:30 and spoke for a while. He had his hair unbraided and flowing all over the place...down past his ass..spoke about his bust on the tour bus and that his daughter spoke to him about it and then they came up with a song I forget the name of. He spoke about having his daughter there at the concert with him as well as his grand daughter AND great grandaughter...they were all there with him last night. He introduced his beautiful daughter Paula Nelson http://www.paulanelsonband.com/
who did several tunes and I have to admit she was really really good.
The concert went on past 11:30.
The crowd was increable. Every age shape size and culture. the weather couldn't have been nicer...warm, sunny with a nice breeze...nice clouds in the sky...trains rolling past the stage along with traffic in the distance on the Triboro Bridge (which made no noise btw)...a real NY concert...so strange.
Concessions set up all over the place with tents of organic foods and farming...food concessions with organic foods to eat and drink.
Perfect place for me...all they spoke about was eating organic whole foods and supporting your local family farmers by buying what they sell instead of processed foods grown on factory farms that pollute our air and waterways and bodies.
Not to buy foods that have to be shipped long distances..that theres no reason for it. That its an indulgence for spoiled people.

Anyway...we had a great time...maybe the best concert I ever went to.


Re: Farm Aid 07'


Great post! I enjoyed reading every, well written, word.

Guster rocks in my book, however. 99.9% of the people I talk to have never heard of them.

How about The Samples? The Fray are right up there on my play list as well.

Re: Farm Aid 07'
kentvw wrote:


Great post! I enjoyed reading every, well written, word.

Guster rocks in my book, however. 99.9% of the people I talk to have never heard of them.

How about The Samples? The Fray are right up there on my play list as well.

Thanks Kent...I could have gone on and on but my typing abilities...well..you know how it is for some of us carps..lol.
Far as people not knowing who Guster is...I have to admit that I didn't either......till I heard them perform. Its weird how now a daze its kinda like that...we know the tunes but not who does them till they have ten albums out and are on the top ten count down..Kinda sad actually.
All I can say is I was amazed at the sounds they were getting out..and watching the three of em' all with acoustic guitars performing they way they did..shocked the shid outta me...something you don't see much of anymore especially with all the sampling of sounds and fake music in the background done in the studio.
I hope these guys keep going strong!
Haven't listened to the Fray or the Samples but my guess is I probably have and didn't even know it,,,I'll check it out on Youtube when I get some more time...for now...gotta get back to work.
Later dude

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