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Fan Vibration Transferring to Floor

My warm-air ciculation system is located in my basement utility room, and is attached to the ceiling joists by four short metal chains and four screws. So, the fan's enclosure is hanging from the ceiling joists and can't be moved too far because of the ducts and pipes running in and out of it.

My problem is that the vibration from the fan can be felt through the floor directly above it. Anyone laying on the floor above the fan can feel the vibration (and gets a very small massage in the process). It's not a small area that you can feel it, it's the entire family room floor.

I am wondering what types of solutions/materials would be good for dampening or eliminating the vibration transfer of the fan to floor? And would it even be possible to eliminate all the vibration if I wanted to go that far?


Re: Fan Vibration Transferring to Floor

Get some square strips of an old tire and screw the rubber to the joist and hang the chain to the rubber or just use the rubber.make suer there is nothing in the fan like a piece of insulation or debris

Re: Fan Vibration Transferring to Floor

... and if an old tire doesn't appeal to you .... see if re-enforced rubber belting is available to use.

Or .... if you could build a stand under the unit and then disconnect from the joists.

Re: Fan Vibration Transferring to Floor

I tried using contractor-grade rubber tarp straps. Screwed 4 of those into the joists and hung the fan from them. It has pretty much eliminated all of the vibration being transferred.

Thanks for the advice. It definetely came in handy.

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