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Fan light does not turn on with fan

There are 2 plugs inside this light/fan. One is for the light and the other is for the fan. There must be a way to reroute the wires so that the light in the fan comes on with the fan, no?

the following are photos the light fan

Re: Fan light does not turn on with fan

To do that, you have to lower the fan motor and connect the two hot wires (the one to the fan and the one to the light) together with the hot from the switch, if this answers your question.

Re: Fan light does not turn on with fan

My question is why would you want that? There are times you may want the fan on but not the light like during the day, and times you may want the light on but not the fan.


Re: Fan light does not turn on with fan

I did this a lot in rentals, because the renters would often not turn on the fan when they should have causing moisture problems. The light would always be turned on though, because the room needed light when the door was closed. More often that not you want that ventilation and tying them together makes that easy. It also lets you lose the switch and the extra wiring separate fan/lights require. The downside is using a little more power and replacing the fan a little sooner, but compared to possible moisture issues it's a good trade-off.


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