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failing paint + texture + plaster = problem


I have an old house with a real issue in a couple of the rooms. The rooms have plaster and lathe walls and ceilings and the plaster itself is in good condition. There appears to be a couple of layers of paint on the plaster, and then painted knock-down texture on top of that. The problem is the original paint is losing adhesion with the plaster and as a result all the layers are peeling off. I can put a putty knife at the edge of a small crack and effortlessly peel off sheets of paint and texture right down to the plaster. This is only an issue on some sections of the wall - on other sections everything is well attached. So, after exploring this situation for a couple of days and removing pretty much all that was loose, my walls are about 1/3 stripped to the plaster - much too far gone to go back, but still impossibly far from the nice uniform bare plaster finish. My idea at this point is to skim a few coats of drywall mud over everything and achieve uniformity by filling in and then over the knock-down texture, but I have been reading that pre-mixed joint compound does not adhere well to plaster. So I am a bit lost as to what to do next. I have worked a lot with plain drywall but am new to plaster and texture. Any advice or insight from anyone with experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Hank Bauer
Re: failing paint + texture + plaster = problem

Try a little water using a spray bottle mist the area starting at the edge of the remaining paint let the wetted area set for say about 30 min rewet let set about 15 min. than see if the paint will release from the plaster if this works get a gadden sprayer and wet the entire wall in the same manner the water will not damage the plaster.
Do not use any of the joint muds ( dry wall products )to skim plaster.You could use some of the setting compounds like Dora-Bond but this product is used for joints on gypsum board before skimming wiyh a venner plaster.
My choice would be a Venetian plaster and skim the walls and ceilings smooth no sanding would be required.
Check for some of the following products.
Texton Venetian
Firenze Enterprizes.
Franklin Stucco Products.
SAFRA products
Litex incorporated
Master of Plaster
My choice in order
Master of Plaster
Franklin Stucco
Make sure the one you use is a lime product an not synthetic.
The master of plaster is the most user friendly and does not require a bonding agent like most of the above.

Re: failing paint + texture + plaster = problem

Durabond in bags. It comes in 20, 45, 90 and 210 minute bags. The working time is about half of the rated minutes. Its the only thing I've used in our 97 year old apartment building and I've gone trough at least 100 bags of the stuff. Using primer before mudding will ensure that the mud will stick.

Re: failing paint + texture + plaster = problem


The other two contributors are correct about Dura-Bond. It has great adhesion and dries rapidly. Do look for the "Easy Sand" variety of Dura-Bond, as it is much easier to sand than the regular type. Also, although it sets rapidly, it needs to dry for a couple hours before it sands easily. When thouroughly dry, it will not clog your sandpaper.

Re: failing paint + texture + plaster = problem

Thanks for the advice. I would be interested in trying my hand at plastering. I wonder if I could just plaster over the stuck on bits of texture and paint as they are good and stuck and I like the idea of no sanding. Otherwise I will give the Dura-Bond a try. Thanks again.

Hank Bauer
Re: failing paint + texture + plaster = problem

For DIY in plaster the best one would be the Master of Plaster.
You may think it is a high cost product but the least $$$$ of all the Venetian product that i have tried.
I did not list American Clay as one of the Venetian products.
This one has a statement about not using in a damp areas.I have only used it once.
If you contact me by e-mail i will get some MOP off one of my jobs and send it to you I will just put it in some kind of plastic containers will add the instructions on a sheet of paper.I will do this at no cost try it on a sample area.

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