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Failing Beam on Large Deck

I have a 40x10' deck 8 feet high, running along the front of our house that allows us to exit through the front door. The original deck from 1988 is still standing but the beam was not constructed properly causing it to warp off of the posts and started to separate from the joists. I would like to replace the posts and beam only, to try and save some money as I cant afford to replace the entire deck, anyone have any ideas?

My first thought was to install new posts and a new beam under the existing joists to create a cantilever style deck.

A. Spruce
Re: Failing Beam on Large Deck

Without seeing the deck, how it's built, how it's supported, what is under it, etc., we really can't specifically tell you "how" to do it. Can you cantilever it? Maybe, depends on how it's built.

What can be done is to temporarily resupport the deck, then replace the existing beam and posts, removing the temporary supports when the work is completed. Can you do this yourself? Depends on your skill level, knowledge of materials, and tools available.

Re: Failing Beam on Large Deck

typically deck joists can be cantilevered 1/4 of the main span maximun. Assuming the joists span the short dimension you can have a 2' cantilever max.
Does it make sense to do it this way or like spruce said is hard to tell from here.
It makes sense to reuse the existing foundations assuming they are adequate even if you have to build temporary supports.
If the deck was a bit more springy than you liked, shortening the main span to 8' should help.
It should be permitted to be sure the work is done to code.

Re: Failing Beam on Large Deck

I don't know the condition of the deck, but until the repair job is done, try not to walk on it. I've seen some horrific accidents with unsafe decks, and yours is pretty high at 8' tall.

Re: Failing Beam on Large Deck

Dj1 brings up a good point.
If the main beam is failing the rest of the deck is suspect too. I would want especially to check the attachment of the legder that is securred to the house.

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