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Re: Failed Masonite siding, possible insulation damage.
Jakerw87 wrote:

Yea the windows aren't great anyway, and I don't want to tear anything out of the inside. There's actually so few windows I would want to add a few anyway. I'm going to have someone look at it to give me a rough estimate soon, they are asking 80k, but they would have to move that significantly for this to be worth it for me.

We know nothing about the house, about you and your finances, the area, the price, the seller's attitude, the 80,000 bid - therefore, a friendly advice:

Don't let the house run away in front of you, if you do decide to buy it. Don't let this small house become a big white elephant,

- If you can't do any of the work yourself (to code that is).
- If you rely on subs to do everything.
- If you need a GC.
- If you are going to have uncooperative weather.
- If you don't have all remodel money sitting aside.
- If you are tempted to remodel additional things.

You might be trying to chew something too big for you.

I'v seen too many houses which became money pits, work stopped, litigation, and other troubles. Also consider property tax consequences of such remodeling...just saying.

On the other hand - you might have just won the lottery and can ignore all of the above...

Re: Failed Masonite siding, possible insulation damage.

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