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A. Spruce
Re: failed inspection....
gwilkrrs wrote:

my issue is with the inspector. i believe he is just peeved. we had a disagreement during the ground work that he got overruled on by the chief inspector

gwilkrrs wrote:

i replied i wanted a second opinion because code is code and he wasnt inspecting to opinion and preferences.....

These were your first and second mistakes. 1 - You greet the inspector with a smile and offer a cup of coffee/water/donut/whatever. 2 - You keep your mouth shut.

Whether you agree with their calls or not, it is their authority and they DO NOT like it questioned or overruled. We may not like it, but it is a fact of life. More inspectors are idiots than not, so you must suffer the bad along with the good. In my career, I can count on one hand the number of good inspectors I've had and it takes an abacus to track the bad ones.

Re: failed inspection....
johnjh2o wrote:

He sure isn't wrong about the tub overflow being after the trap. That is wrong in all codes. I still don't understand how you did that.

He built it per the inspectors drawing.

gwilkrrs wrote:

he drew on the permit how he expected to see it piped-- drain, trap, "T" picking up the overflow going into a long sweep 90 to main line.

Re: failed inspection....
guy48065 wrote:

He built it per the inspectors drawing.

I'm sure he was talking about the tee on the trip waste before the trap not after it. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of plumbing would know you can't have an overflow before the trap.

Re: failed inspection....

i understand why he is miffed. i was not about to call off concrete and re do work because of opinion and wants. his way was bad and would have failed me further down the road on framing with his drilling thru structural members (king studs and jacks for windows)for no reason. he was wrong. he also drew the sketch on the failed inspection tag that i followed. his answer to that is they only suggest but not authorize thier drawings and they are for reference for help. i did it exactly how he drew it- no misinterpretations- its is wrong i admit that and it will be corrected BUT he told me he wanted it that way......

Re: failed inspection....

If you think you have a case, and you can prove that this inspector is out there to get you, take your case to his supervisor.

I'm not saying that you are right or wrong, and some of the answers here tell you how to behave around the inspector, but these answers are not the rules.

Ask the supervisor to assign you a different inspector. Good luck.

Are you doing the work yourself? what are your qualifications?

Look: judges and lawyers speak their language, doctors and nurses speak their language, politicians definitely speaking their language - well, inspectors and contractors have their own language too, which DIYers sometimes don't know. Some inspectors may be fed up with DIYers, you never know.


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