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Fading Aluminum Siding

The aluminum siding on my house is about 30+ yrs old and the white paint has worn away in places. The siding is also powdery and wiping or washing the siding will remove more of the paint. What is the best way to restore the faded areas and keep the white areas from fading?

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding

after 30 years.... either clean it and repaint it or replace it

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding

After this long you've gotten your money's worth out of that siding.

Cleaning will involve hand rubbing the surface as you'll need the mechanical action to remove the film and not just a high pressure spray.

There are paints that will go over the old, cleaned siding nicely.

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding


I had the same problem in my last house. The 1970's aluminum siding constantly faded to a light tan from its original colonial mustard color. I finally desided to paint the siding to the original color using a quality 100% acrylic housepaint from PPG.

First, clean the siding well to get rid of the oxidation on the surface. It can be done by hand, but the best way is a VERY vigourous power washing. One way or the other, you have to get rid of the dusty powder that rubs off on your hand.

Once down to a solid substrate, it can be painted with an acrylic housepaint. If you are not down to bare metal, you do not need to prime the surface, but just go directly with the paint itself.

In later years, I painted many failed aluminum sided homes and never had a problem or a call back. The new acylic paint will be much more fade resistant than that early generation aluminum siding finish you have. It should last you for years.

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding

I think everyone's opinion is good on here. I had the same problem - faded white aluminim, chalky residue when touched.

3 years ago, I had it powerwashed and 2 coats of paint - exterior Benj Moore. Live north of Boston and still holding up with no fading, peeling, or chipping. Tried to attach pictures but not working.

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding

Sounds like you could use new exterior.

Re: Fading Aluminum Siding

The old paint just wore away with age, not because the aluminum was not etched and the paint peeling. Don't get carried away! A 100% acylic paint will bond directly to the old surface once any loose oxidation has been washed away. I have painted over aluminum that looked like Rennold's Wrap and had excellent results!

You are talking the cost of a few cans of paint as opposed to thousands of dollars to reside. Aluminum paint takes acrylic paint really well and will look good for many years, even without additional coats.

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