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Exterior window painting

My paint around my exterior windows is peeling and cracking. What type of paint is the best to use to redo these that will last and any pointers on how to do this easily. Is it also recommended to recaulk the windows while im doing this if so what is the best caulk to use as well (Windows and trim are solid white)

Re: Exterior window painting


It is all in the preparation. It is easier if you remove each sash and work on them one at a time. Will also give you an opportunity to replace the brass in the wood track. What is the sash in your window made from? If wood, then scrape all the old paint off. Clean it well, remove all that you can. You want to use a high quality window putty, never use caulking on a window. It is not designed for that. Repair/Replace all the loose points. I like to remove the light and give the light bed a nice cleaning and sanding. This will be a good time to use a small bead of 100% silicone in the bed and then lay the light back in the bed of caulk. This will allow the glass to flex without breaking, and give a nice air tight seal. Once the light is seated and the caulking is dry, use the window putty to create the angle all around the light. There is a nice tool for creating the angle. It is easier than doing that by hand. Once you have sanded all parts of the sash, it is time for a good coat of oil based primer. I paint on two coats. Prime and paint over the window putty. I lightly sand between each coat. Now two coats of high quality oil based paint. My Dad used, or had me use, marine grade primer paint. I did that only once while living in his house growing up. That lasted a good 40 years and is still on there. But any high quality oil based paint will work. Do not purchase any paint from a box store, it is the rejects that paint companies sell off. I use Sherwin Williams since there is a store close to me, and they have some of the best coffee in town. If any of the parts need to be replace/repaired, now if the time. Ensure that the pullies and weights work well. Replace the cord with either brass chain or cotton cord. Each sash needs to be placed back in the same location in the same orientation that it originally hung.

I have rebuild every window in our house. Some of the frames needed to be trued a little. All the of the brass slides needed to be replaced. I replaced all the hardware with new brass. Some of the hardware was just old pot metal. They look and operate so much better now. Take your time and be sure to not skip any steps.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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