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Exterior Siding Issue

I am remodeling a house built in the 1980's. This house was originally a slab built house that was rocked on 3 sides. We removed the rock, had a house mover build a wood floor in it and move it 19 miles to its new home. It now rests on stout concrete inground piers. We had planned on re-rocking the house with the original rock but have been told by professional foundation co. that we would be better off with some form of siding. My problem is the square concrete piers 12"x12" stick outside the stud walls by about 2".(Didn't think it would be a great issue since we planned on the 5" rock space). The sheathing combined with say Hardiplank siding does not even come close to overlapping the edge of concret piers. I would really appreciate some insight into this problem. Thanks.

Re: Exterior Siding Issue

Hard to give a specific answer without seeing it, but if you decide to put siding, you will have to wrap around the piers. Customize.

Re: Exterior Siding Issue

On very old stone houses in Europe, the stone walls usually taper outward at the base. You could recreate this old world look if you wanted to. You will probably need more stone than you currently have have though, or you could just stone half way up the walls and then use siding like the Hardi board planks to finish it off.

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