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Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

My bathroom ceiling above the shower had paint that had cracked and had to be removed. The handyman I hired did a great job except for one thing. He decided to use Valspar exterior paint so it would "hold up better". It may be good paint but the smell of the paint is still very strong and is bothering my allergies. He did use a primer first. I have had the room closed off for the most part and have opened the window on days that were not too humid. It's been 2 weeks now and the smell is still strong. Will this eventually go away or do I need to paint over it with some kind of sealer?

A. Spruce
Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

It will eventually go away, the more you can ventilate the area, the faster it will dissipate. It doesn't matter that exterior paint was used inside, it will hold up just fine, if not better, since it's designed for the harsh exterior environment. As far as odor goes, you will have just as much odor from interior paint as exterior paint, you just don't notice it outside, for obvious reasons.

Humidity isn't going to harm cured paint. Leave the window open and the exhaust fan on. If you can also leave the bathroom door open, do so. Setting up a small fan to circulate the air will also help.

Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

Paint labeled "exterior" can be used indoor or outdoor.
Paint labeled "interior" is for indoor use only.

Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

Sounds as if the handyman might have used an oil paint, in which case I can believe the odor was stronger and lingering longer. It will eventually go away. As stated, keep it aired out as best as possible.

Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

It will go away over time. I accidentally used the wrong paint in my bathroom and it smelled pretty strong for a few weeks. I was pretty worried at well, but eventually we were all able to breath easy

Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

If you use the oil paint so the smell will go away with the time. Now a days lot of bands available with odor and special plastic emulsion paint have no smell. Now you have to ventilate the area or put a exhaust fan.

Re: Exterior Paint Was Used Indoors

If you have the space, I have used small bag(s) of plain charcoal bricketts to absorb annoying fumes. Find a place in the room that is out of the way. Lay the bag flat, and open the bag from the center to expose the bricketts. This work much like baking soda in the refrigerator. Safely overheating the room to ~120° will accelerate the process.

When I first heard of this trick, I was trying to get the smoke smell out of a car. It took a few days to notice the difference. Then we had a couple of 80 to 90 degree days, with the car closed up and the smell was gone.

Then you can use the bricketts for a BBQ.

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